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Hello Pablostrokess


Today we get to know Pablostrokess a little better. He is a HK model, works with HouseOfKonnor and he is very popular on JustForFans and OnlyFans.

Who is pablostrokess?

Born: 1996
Length: 5’10 – 178cm
Weight: 160lbs – 72kg
Dick size: 9 inch cut – 23cm
Role: Bi, versatile
Location: USA – Long Island NY
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter, Snapchat (Pablostrokesss), OnlyFans, JustFor.Fans

Why and how did you become an adult performer?

I was always interested in the fast lifestyle such as porn and exotic dancing, the art of creating good passionate & sensual connections on screen was something i loved to see and wanted to do myself and i think so far I’ve showed that. I always wanted to become an adult performer but never really acted on it until one day a friend of mine suggested i make a twitter since I already posted nudes all day every day on snapchat. I was mad nervous and shy so i told him he could make me one and ill just send him things he can post. I sent him a bunch of vids i had and alot of people started following me and it grew attention so i figured why not try it. I posted more and more and gained alot of traction and decided to make a vid with two other performers. Once i saw how well that went i decided to make an onlyfans. I made another video and gained more followers. I then saw Max Konnor was looking for models so i sent some pics and my name , he hmu and asked me to sign on tho his agency as him as my manager. And the rest is history i guess.

Are you single, married, seeing someone, dating?

Currently dating someone actually my first boyfriend. Its going amazing its new and a big change for me after just leaving a 7 year relationship with a woman. He’s beautiful, funny, smart , annoying , a pain & caring.

How often do you have sex?

I feel sex is a connection especially when done with someone who you have strong feelings for. So in my relationship i have sex everyday. I see it as giving my partner all of me and him doing the same in return and why wouldn’t i want that everyday.

When and how was your first time?

My virginity was taken at 14 and it wasnt what everyone wants it to be. I tried to give myself to someone and instead it was taken so my first time was not as beautiful as most others.

What is your favorite thing in sex?

My favorite thing in sex is slow stroking making the sensation last longer by moving slow and in a way thats feels fucking amazing to both of us.

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  1. Would certainly love to feel you fucking me xx

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