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Meet ‘next door homo’ Jake Harding

Meet ‘next door homo’ Jake Harding

We found you another hottie. You may already know him, if not you should start following him right now! He has a big fan base of 65,000 followers, just on Twitter. His popularity is growing rapidly, so it’s really time to get to know him better.

Who is Jake Harding?

Age: 20yr old
Length: 6’2 – 188cm
Weight: 150lbs – 68kg
Dick size: ‘the size of a beer can’
Location: New Hampshire, USA
Role: Gay, Vers/Top
Social Media: Twitter, OnlyFans Free, OnlyFans, Instagram

Why and how did you become an adult performer?

I honestly don’t even know how I started I started on chaturbate and pornhub then transitioned over to fan sites and twitter and I am loving every second of it!

Are you single, married, seeing someone, dating?

I am single 🤧 hopefully not for long though!

How often do you have sex?

I try and have sex as much as possible! Usually it ends up being once or twice a week! Lots of jerking off though in between!

When and how was your first time?

I first had sex when I was 15 when I was on Grindr and it wasn’t that good… I am now sharing all my favorite and any sexual adventures 😈

What is your favorite thing in sex?

I probably love looking into a guy I’m with sexually and seeing that like ecstasy in his eyes!

Which things in sex do you want to explore? Any hot fantasies?

Probably interested in just trying to explore more of my bottom side and also just collaborating with more porn guys!

What are your goals in the future?

My goal would be to create a porn star house and invite guys over and just be able to create the next “tik tok” type of house but for porn stars

What else would you like to share?

I hope you enjoy hearing about me and I hope to see you on my Twitter and especially my OnlyFans! 😘🥰

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  1. He one of my favorites already

  2. Jake Harding is on his way to be a huge star

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