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Q&A with Cruel Master Jordan Fox

Q&A with Cruel Master Jordan Fox

You might have seen this XXL master acting in one of the 100 porn movies he shot… or on Social Media. He is a real hardcore dominant master. Maybe even too cruel? We asked him a couple questions.

Who is Jordan Fox?

Length: 182cm / 5’9
Dick size: 21cm / 8 inch
Role: Gay, Dominant Top (Master)
Location: Strasbourg, France
Social Media: Twitter, OnlyFans, Instagram

Why and how did you become an adult performer?

I started to watch porn as a teen and found it highly exciting..then some years later I send some naked pic to a studio and they contacted me…the first day on set I was very horny to be naked with many guys around me…I am very exhibitionist.

Are you single, married, seeing someone, dating…

I am single because I love sex too much to be in a relationship. I’m a hunter, looking for a new prey wherever I’m horny.

How often do you have sex?

I fuck 2 or 3 time a week. I am quite nasty and love to play with my partner/ victim.

When and how was your first time?

I had my first time at 14 on a summer camp with 2 other guys. A threesome… we start to play with ours cocks and decided the one with the smallest cock socks the other ones and get fucked. Luckily I was hung already ! We both fuck the Virgin ass of the smallest one

What is your favorite thing in sex?

I am dominant which means I like to take control over my partner and bring him further to his limits. Love the see him suffering but asking me for more.

Which things in sex do you want to explore? Any hot fantasies?

I would like to go further in hardcore sex and violence…it makes me more and more horny. Blood and hard beating.

Do you have story about/with a big or crazy fan?

Last week in the train a cute student boy came to me to ask a selfie with me and I stand up and put my cock out and said ” I’m sure that’s what you wanna see indeed ” ..people around could see my cock and I loved it….I love to show my cock in public.

What are your goals in the future?

I enjoy life as it comes. I’m not really in the porn industry anymore and have a healthy life which makes me really happy.

I am exhibitionist…so whenever I can be naked and show my big cock I do it : beach , gym locker room, hotel spa…. and I usually don’t wear underwear so you can see my bulge through my pants. It usually attracts fags and I fuck them or get sucked wherever I go.

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